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Dreams (chapter 02)

Alien Artist notes:
Matthew being taller than Al is just a head canon. One of my friends told me that she thought that Matthew is taller than Alfred. But I knew that they had the same height(yes, thanks for my height fetish)

was founded by Matthew and Gilbert, when the two of them met in Canada 2 years later after Alfred had left Matthew for US. Matthew named the band after Alfred and thought of his dream while naming it. It means Alfred’s dream airship(Airship also means dreamship for Matthew).

General Relativity WIP's

I really don't know if Livejournal is stupid, or I am just stupid on my posting etiquette?Or maybe I'm just sleepy.

Why does it seems that I posted a high-resolution pic, yet, it looks smaller as usual whenever I post it. It's  good thing I posted it on my tumbler, so I could get a link on my pics.

This is frustrating, so did my computer, who got crashed earlier.

So anyway, here are some WIP pages for General relativity Fiction.

I'm too sleepy to elaborate on what's going on, I wanted to go home. 

page 01

 page 02

page 03

Okay. This is not finished yet actually. It was a rip off page for General relativity. If you happen to be the one reading the awesome story, you may now have an idea of which part this scene is taken.

My computer is a dick. He just died on me just now, I hate him.I have to go out and use some coputer on computer shop to send files. I have to post this in case my computer got reformat again coz he's stupid. derp.

anyway, concrit are very very welcome, since this is just a pilot pages. For now. derp.
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woah? I'm improving @ mice drawing

Ok. First of all. this day is not so awesome, since I can't draw traditionally due to my headache. My eyes hurts as it was struck by yellowish light. My table lamps light is yellowish, and I swear, I hate it. I've got nothing to do, So, I decided to draw in Tegaki again. I finished a couple of 3 artworks. I'm glad that my computer monitor's light is not as harsh as my table lamp and so on. I'm bored as hell, I'm glad that Tegaki existed in this world.

Ppptttt..I was browsing to my Tegaki account and seriously, I noticed that I improved a lot, knowing that I'm not using any pen tablet, perhaps,my other works in there is done with pen tablet, but still, I'm much better drawing with just mouse. Oh yeah! I'm proud of that!

So as a testament of my improvements, here are my artworks. From first to the latest artwork, consider this journal a Tegakie dump..hehehe!

My First Artwork

as you can see, it was a murdered Canada, my first attempt in mousing process.XD

My second drawing

It was Russia. Okay. I think I improved in this one, compare to the first one.

My third drawing.

This is Australia, supposed to be, but, he doesn't look like it. I'm quite disappointed by this. I didn't improved, and I murdered Australia's image.derp.

My fourth drawing

anyway, I didn't expect any progress in here, since I did this just to cheer somebody.XD

5th drawing

Ok. I love this, seriously, when I finished all my five drawing, this one turned out good as I expected after 3 attempts.  I loved this, even though, I knew I can drew better than this. I'm planning to redone this once I have a pen tablet to practice on.

6th drawing

yeah, I love this also. It was just a headshot. I can't drew a full or half body yet in mouse. So I figured out that a headshot would do much better that the first one. It was Canada again, You may noticed that I love him so much and I keep drawing him all over again. Yeah I'm addicted to him, seriously and literally.XD

7th drawing

yeah. It was Alfred Fucking Jones! less Canada this time, I just wanted to draw Matthew's brother, so, here it is..XD

8th drawing

Oh. This one is drawn using a pentablet. But, it was my first time drawing using a pen tablet, I used one before but it was just for coloring and I didn't really expect that pen tablet coloring is different than pen tablet drawing. I'm utterly a failed. It's no different than my mouse drawing and seriously, I thought that my mouse drawing is better than this.Derp.. And more Canada with matching drunk Arthur. Arthur won't pose like that unless he's drunk, is he not?

9th drawing

err.. this one is much worse than the first one I did in tablet.  I don't like it. It was far murdered again.T_T Again, more Canada and his female official counterpart Canako, with a gay Kumajiro.

10th drawing

err... it's unfinished. Although, I admit that this one is much better that those two tablet drawings above. I liked it so far, but i didn't manage to finish it coz I can't stand staring at the computer with overly long hours with dim light and my eyes hurts. This time, no more Canada, and more RusLiet. I ship those pair as well.

11th drawing

yey~ back to mousing process!! and more Canada!!! This time, I was so proud at myself, because I drew Matthew with almost half body and with mouse. yesh! accomplishment! Hurray for me!XDD  And I did maintain a one line line art in his clothes, although it looks like shuddering lines, anyway, I'm still proud.

12th drawing

Okay. That was not America nor Canada, not even any hetalia characters okay? XD If Canada was my man orgasmic dream guy. This woman is my dream girl, yeah! I have a long time crush In Arturia Pendragon, also known as Saber of Fate Stay night. I was so obsessed with her when Fate stay night is at it's peak of fame. Yet, now I'm still obsessed with Saber....ooohhhh.. Saber my love marry me, forget Matthew for a second..XD

I was planning to draw her excalibur, but,sadly I can't draw straight lines with mouse, so her sword end up some bling bling..XD And this is my first, full body figure drawing using mouse. yay! so proud! nyum,nyum, love you Saber!!XDD

13th drawing

Yay~ it was my latest drawing. Actually, I just wanted to draw some abs, yeah , you read it right, some 'abs'. Because I'm studying male anatomy right now, because I suck at drawing realistic male bodies, so I did this. And, I'm proud of his abs..more abs!! WOOOOooooh!!!

and It was Matthew again,Oh god, I really love him to the extent drawing him repeatedly all over again.XD
I was a loser fan girl..nomnomnom..

 Okay. See any progress?XD

thank's for tuning in, till more Tegakie dump to come..XDD
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I... I came, I saw and I drew..

Okay, Vacation is over. I visited my friend's house for two day, i stayed there.  Her Cat Kahel gave birth to twin kittens that we named Alfred and Matthew. Here are they, I was their godmother, although I decided that myself..ahaha..XDHere's Alfred.. Omg, so cute...lovely isn't it?

I drew a couple of sketches when she let me borrowed her tablet, and seriously I sucked at drawing digitally. It's a good thing that I finished a couple of sketches..derp, although it wasn't the best I can do since I'm not used drawing digitally.

RusLiet wasn't really finished yet. Because my eyes got watery while doing it in laptop.. So I haven't finished it..

and I did some couple of traditional sketch and some are explicit.

Here are some crossover I did,America as , Yeah that's an Anbu. I didn't know what gotten into me and I drew him like that.

While Canada was...urgh..Okay, That's Karin of Naruto... I molested him, all I wanted is to see Canada's sexy ass, so..yeah.. Karin costume for him..T_T Sorry Matt.

and for England is.., yeah basically Akatsuki costume for him..XD

France is, okay only the costume..XD

and here something explicit for fan service.. yeah! more porn! Although,I used January and February as censorship..XD
Collapse )

We also did a couple of fan videos,

Mein Gott covered video

Starring, Aga(short for Agapito Kulas) as rockstar singing Mein Gott.
also starring the 'Plushie family' as audience, Gilbird and

Sorry Sorry Bears

Starring, Agapito Kulas(the brown bear), Franchelle(the pink Bear), and Gilbird(the round chick without wings)

Cruisin' Bears

Starring, Franchelle and Aga as the two singing bears

So that's some compilation of our random stupidity, hope you'll enjoy it.

that's all folks..rawr..
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Chapter 2

Title:Happily ever after
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
Canada/England, slight Us/Uk plot device
errrr... grammar mistakes..XD
Arthur is a man who believes in fairy tales, he believe that everything has happy ending and he'll get his happy ending who turns out unhappy ending. A song fic based on song Psychedelic song, accepting one's death and finding a way to pursue happiness.




Do you believe in fairytales?” came a lousy question from a drunken man. His blue violet gazes shifted and meet his darkened green eyes. “ I always believe that every person in this world has a prince and everything ends up happily ever after.” The drunken Brit sigh, a very deep sigh followed by sniffs and hiccups.”But I was wrong..”


“No, You weren’t wrong,” the other man smiled.”There is always a happy ending, and fairytales tends to happen,”




“There is always a second or maybe third time to run and play a fairy tales. If the first tale fails, there is always second and third time. All you have to do is pursue your own happy ending. It maybe wasn’t the first, but it might be the second to come.” He stated calmly but it was meaningful. Arthur gazes up to him; it makes some sense hit his forehead all at once.


A smile grew from his lush lips.


“I think I’m too old for tall tales like that,---“ Arthur flicked the rear of the wine glass in his front, stared up to its reflection and saw him self on it with a faint smile engraved his lips.”I was looking for a fairy tale that I can wrote down as the day I grew old and read it all over again to refresh my mind, reminding that Fairy tales exist.”


“Indeed,” Matthew replied.


“You haven’t answered my first question.”


Matthew looked at him eagerly gracing his sunniest smile to the smaller blond and touched the tip of his redden nose. “I believe in Fairy tales Arthur, yet I was waiting for my own fairy tale to come.”


Arthur was silenced and looked at him. His got beautiful pair of eyes, a rare colour .A Blue Violet one, or, he must say Indigo. He haven’t notice this once even he saw Matthew a long time ago, yet he saw something is glinting behind those indigo gazes, they were saying and telling him that something he must know.


Was it Love? He gawked silently, lips pursed and eyes stared back to those indigo treasures.


If it was love, then who was the person that Matthew was in love with.


These questions came playing on his mind as he grew along with Matthew while mending his own broken heart. Out of curiousity,he wanted to know who was the person behind those gazes that Matthew has given him.


Or was it him?


NO. It wasn’t him. He wouldn’t dare to think about it.




Time can't be overcome

Time won't wait for anyone

The well is running dry

You know, and so am I

I'm sorry now

And then

Sometimes I didn't even give a damn







Arthur started his life all over again, it was already months had past, he still won’t consider himself fully healed yet he knows he can do better, than nothing. He befriended with his ex-lover’s brother Matthew, and it had helped him a lot healing his broken heart. He thanked Matthew for that, and his brother didn’t know it. He found another work nearby Matthew’s household and he spent time with him after work, he enjoys the Canadian’s company and politeness, not to mention that he cooked delicious pancakes. Little did he know, he started noticing how the blond look enticingly attractive, not even comparing to Alfred’s attractiveness; the two of them looked a liked because they shared the same looks they got from their father but, Matthew was completely a different story.


He was gorgeous in a different way, a beauty that you wouldn’t look at first but when you noticed it he became more beautiful, stunning and perhaps addicting, his hair a bit longer than Alfred’s, yet silky, it shines at light hits the delicate fibers of his blond locks. His skin a bit whiter and pinkish, he blushed when he gets embarrassed, he’s silent yet full of humors and he’s-------



“A penny for your thought?” his day dreaming was cut off by a finger flick from Matthew, who smiles calmly but pleasant as a sunrise. He was caught off guard and he was staring at Matthew the whole time, Arthur blushed furiously. What will Matthew will think if he finds out that he’s mentally checking him.


“Shite.” He mumbled.” What are you doing git!”


“Oh, sorry did I disturb you?,”


“No. No. I’m sorry I guess I wasn’t paying attention.” Arthur retreated back and waved his hand like it was nothing happened.


“Uhuh—“ Matthew started to laughed silently, his shoulders shuddering as he held his laughs but Arthur noticed it and furrowed his brows. He watched as Matthew laughed weakly, it was languid, not like those with Alfred who laughs like there is no tomorrow and loud enough to wake their neighbors. He snapped mentally. I should stop thinking about him. But it seems that it wasn’t his lucky day as he saw Alfred and Ivan entered the café restaurant where he and Matthew is having a tea time.


“Fuck it,” His green eyes started broiling with anger, teeth gritting underneath his mouth and his hands balled in a fist. Alfred took notice to him and walked towards their direction with his usual cheery smile.


“Oh, Hi Arthur, it’s been a while,” said Alfred. Ivan was with him also, wearing his usual childish smile that can even mistake for a sadistic smile. Did this two planned to torture him silently?. Yet Arthur remained civil and returned the greeting, even though is heart is squeezing in pain that Matthew noticed.


“Hello too Alfred and to you Ivan,” Arthur says perturbed.


“Oh and Matthew is with you? Wow!”


“Were friends Alfred,”


“Oh so you’re friends now huh?” Alfred replied in sarcasm. He smirked and looked to Ivan who is also smiling.


“Yeah, what’s wrong with that?”


“No, nothing” Alfred waved his hands and put it back together in his pocket, still smirking and looking delightfully at Arthur’s disturbed demeanor.” I thought you’re already over me, but I think it wasn’t—“


“Are you insinuating something?—“ Arthur stood up abruptly in his seat, fuming with anger as Alfred decided to be an asshole again.


“Nothing much, I just took notice that you never pay attention to Matthew, but when we broke up you just suddenly pay him some attention.” He smirked tenaciously.”—Replacement, perhaps?”


Seeing that Arthur is suffering in raging pain that he might end up crying anytime, Matthew took charge and calmed Arthur down having him sit and stood to face his brother.


“Ow. Ow.. asshole aren’t we?” Matthew said calmly yet it was full of sarcasm. Alfred grinned at him and patted his shoulder as he leaned forward and whispered to Matthew’s ear.


“I knew what it feels like to be a replacement Matthew,-- Don’t let it get to y-----“ A hard punch landed on Alfred’s face causing him to fall down in the ground. People around them panicked and got out of the shop immediately seeing that a brawl is starting. Matthew’s face was red with anger as Alfred’s blood scattered in his fist. Ivan and Arthur immediately aided the two brothers, prying Matthew away from Alfred.


“What the fucking hell---“ Alfred yelled out attempting to attack his brother but to no avail Ivan held him tightly.


“I’m not a fucking replacement!” Matthew said, cold still and venomous. “---I could’ve kept Arthur if he wasn’t with you, fucking arsehole! I love him! But you—you,, “ 


Arthur’s eyes grew widely as he started to hear Matthew endeavors. He’s in love with him.


“Then fine take that bastard with you, fuck him till it satisfies you!—“ Alfred replied back much rampant than before and disentangled Ivan arms against his stomach. He turned back abruptly and kicked the café door and get outside immediately, he was followed by Ivan and took an apologizing bow before he leaves.


“Bastard—“ He mutters silently and took his wallet, fishing a few dollar bills in there and left it in their designated table before storming out of the café.

Arthur followed him silently, neither one of them wasn’t started a talk like they usually do. Arthur being shocked at Matthew’s sudden confession and Matthew still angry thinking that he’s really a replacement for Arthur, hell he didn’t even care.



They reached Matthew’s house still a stagnant silence between them never diminished, Until Arthur urge to talk first. He knew Matthew won’t talk and will stay silent for hours.


“Is it true?” he said calmly, voice stuttering slightly and cheeks flushing mildly.


“Yeah,” a lazy replied came from Matthew and entered his house, Arthur follows him inside.


“Bloody git, why didn’t you say so?”


“You’ll push me away. I don’t want that,”


“When did it started?” Arthur sighed and took seat in the sofa, trying to lure the conversation into the usual they have.


“When I first met you,” Matthew said honestly and looked into Arthur sincerely, his eyes were glinted with adoration and his lips were bit against one another. “I loved you for a long time now,” ended and took seat in front of Arthur.


Arthur’s expression is priceless. His mouth almost hung open and eyes widening in awe and stunned. That wasn’t accident that confession’s slip in Matthew’s lips, it was the real thing. He faked a laugh and brushed his blond locks before looking to Matthew, who could have thought that there’s another being love him despite the fact that he’s annoying and foul mouthed, not to mention he has bad habits. Something sunk in his mind right that moment, He knew that he was tagging along with Matthew for 3 months to be exact. He already showed him what kind of man he is, he’s annoying as Alfred always blab about, he’s not a good cook yet Matthew still eats his cooking, he’s grumpy and short tempered, but Matthew can handle his temper without them starting a fight, and Matthew always says he adores him, one way or another. It gave way.


He’s so stupid.

How could he miss that facts that Matthew is showering him some love, yet he still look away pretending that none of them is isn’t happening, chase Alfred and so on…



He hit his head hard with his fist and cursed himself with a series of swears. His head must be fuck up for some reason and he didn’t know what to do. He can’t explain to Matthew. He was lacking the skills to do so.


“I’m sorry Matthew,” gasping hard and gripping the hem of his shirt tightly, he looked down in such disdain to himself. “I didn’t know, I’m so stupid, I’m---“


“I’m not a replacement right?” Matthew asked him in a low tone, yet pain obviously showing in his face.


“No.---“ Arthur glared at him and held his shivering hand, “—Don’t listen to that twat! You-are-not-a-replacement!” he pointed out and made Matthew smile.


“I’m glad I wasn’t” He held Arthur’s hand tightly and bent down to him, now facing his slightly flushing face and piercing eyes. His hands placed behind his neck grasping to his short blond locks, he whispered against the inches that parting them. “I always wanted to do this, to be with you—“ he stated before closing the gaps between their lips, and kissed.


Arthur was bewitched, he felt Matthew’s soft lips on his, matched with his aching lips. It wasn’t like those kisses he shared with Alfred, those were rugged and wild, yet with Matthew’s delicate, full of love and wanting, it was sweet and dazzling. He never tasted a kiss like these, treating him like he was a fragile figurine, treated with such love. Yeah it was Love, he felt love as Matthew kiss him, not just lust, not even wanting. He felt Matthew’s tongue licked his lower lip as if it was asking for entrance. He parted his lips to accept him, and god he tasted like Maple syrup, sweet and caring. His tongue flicked his own, taunting it to respond and it did. They kissed deliberately yet they weren’t battling for dominance like kisses were ought to be. It was like exploring each other sweetness through kisses. The stayed closed with each other, hands on Matthew’s chest caressing and mapping, while Matthew’s fingers tracing Arthur’s curves and jaw lines along with kissing and shifting face position like creating a rhythm between each other’s hungry and aching mouths. They started a kiss, enjoyed it, holding each other in arms, continues, until they broke apart, panting and staring to each other.



“I—I love you,” Matthew whispered silently staring still to Arthur’s flushed face.


“Matthew--- I—“


“You don’t have to say I love you too if you don’t love me---“ he said sincerely.”Yet.” and ended it with a point.


“What do you mean?”


“I’ll make you fall in love with me,” He smiled to him, and cupped Arthur’s chin turning him to meet his. Arthur grinned at him, giving him a look of challenge glinted behind his green eyes.


“Then make me fall in love with you, bloody git!” He smiled and pushed Matthew gently. “And give me a happy ending, luv”


“Oui, I’ll definitely do that..”





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(no subject)

Title:Happily ever after
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
Canada/England, slight Us/Uk plot device
errrr... grammar mistakes..XD
Arthur is a man who believes in fairy tales, he believe that everything has happy ending and he'll get his happy ending who turns out unhappy ending. A song fic based on song Psychedelic song, accepting one's death and finding a way to pursue happiness.

Okay, wrote this because I want this to get out of my head all at once.. Sorry..

Chapter I

They say that time won’t be overcome, it even won’t even wait to anyone, when the well will gone dry, and a  body will showered with twilight. 

Would it be enough to free someone’s soul?


No time
No long good-bye
No time
No answer for the reason why
No Guarantees in life
Save for the end
Which is no big surprise



“Merde,” he swore along side with series of coughs. His hands were trembling against the sink, and his blue violet eyes were watery and blurry. He knew it. His reflection shows his paled appearance and the blood trailing from his mouth, got smeared in his pale snow-like whiten skin as he wiped it using the back of his hand. So, he completely got ill as the days pass him by.


He took a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the blood came from his mouth, his glasses were set aside and was placed in the marble sink. He looked himself again in the mirror. He was completely a mess. His hair is messed up, lips were ever paled and bruised and eyes watery and red. He didn’t cry yet his eyes were puffy and moisten, he hoped he didn’t know how to cry. Because crying is the last thing he didn’t wanted to do, it will not help him with his situation.


He turned the faucet on and washed his dirtied hands. He have to, he didn’t want to get his lover worried about him. He was just waiting for him outside to get finished from what he was doing. Arthur is completely clueless what he had gone through. He said he’ll just clean his pants from the stain he got; he intentionally poured the coffee over his pants so that he could go to the men’s room and do what he had to do. It was just another lame excuse from him to get away from Arthur before his illness will get better of him in front of his lover.”I’m so sorry Arthur,” He whispered silently to himself, “I guess you don’t want to see me dying in front of you, eh?” He sniffed and put the stained handkerchief in his pocket again. “Coz’ I don’t want you to see me dying.”


He knew Arthur wouldn’t want to see that thing to happen.

He knew how Arthur will get serious over trivial matters that he can’t even get his hands on.

He knew Arthur is stubborn enough to push him and pursue him to get better medication, travel abroad and get a specialist to cure his illness.

But, what he doesn’t knew, he cannot be cured.

Matthew cannot be cured by anyone. It’s was too late before he realized it.

It was just wasting their time and efforts, because his cancer was already at critical stage and his life was already counted.

He will just lived within 6 months, and that remaining months, he wanted Arthur to find another man to love before it’s too late.

He wanted him to be happy to find a happy ending. He wanted to preserve his smile.

That smile, it was worth dying.


He finished fixing himself and got out from the men’s room like there’s nothing happened. He acted like he wasn’t sick at all and found his boyfriend leaning against the wall beside the gasoline station and was waiting for him. The Brit seems to be aggravated already, Arthur has that temper, yet he can tame his ill-tempered boyfriend. They were like scones and tea, pancakes and maple syrup to each other, one can’t function well if one wasn’t there. He smiled sheepishly as Arthur took notice of him, grimacing as he stepped forward.


“Bloody git! What took you so long?” He muttered.


“Umm sorry Arthur, I can’t get the stain in my pants that easily, eh.” He explained timidly yet Arthur just raised his large eyebrows and looked at him.


“You looked pale? What happened?”


“Umm.. nothing eh, I think I’m just hungry, are you not?”


“A little,”


“Then why don’t we get home so that I could cook pancakes for you,” he smiled and took the smaller blond into his arms and hug him tightly. Arthur blushed as his boyfriend hugged him, knowing Matthew, he didn’t show his affection in public. He always kept things in private. But know, they were both standing beside the gasoline station yet Matthew is hugging him.


“Matthew, I don’t think it’s a better idea,” he gasped and Matthew freed him.


“Sorry, maybe I just missed you that much eh,” came a timid reply from him and caused Arthur to smile.


“You know, I didn’t regret that I chose you over your brother, “he said teasing, yet it was the truth.







 Arthur was his brother thing of past, fallen out of love when he found out about his brother cheating with his Russian workmate Ivan. It was one night Arthur came to his apartment, drunk and crying. Matthew took him in and sheltered him. He known Arthur for a while then, Alfred brought him one time to their house and have him meet him, for Matthew, it was love at first glance, he fell in love with him without Alfred knowing it. He was good at hiding his feelings, without being noticed.


 Ever since then, he never stopped laying his eyes on Arthur, although it sometime hurt him. He was out of Arthur’s league, knew that clearly, yet he was still assuming that Arthur will be his not Alfred’s.


But when that time Alfred was discovered by Arthur having illicit affair with Ivan. Things never be the same again.

Arthur world crumbled and hated himself, Alfred wanted things he could never give, he loathed Ivan yet he still can’t blame Alfred. He didn’t know what to do then, all he wanted to do is to die. All he wanted is to be loved without asking anything in return.


Could his magic still be working? If it was, why did Alfred fallen out of love?

He asked many questions, yet no answers given.

He loved Alfred that much, he thought he will end up happily ever after with him, yet it’s not

He might be old enough to believe in fairy tale and happy endings.

But, he believes it. He believe that everything end up with happy ending, a fairytale.

He’s stupid, too stupid to believe that fact.


Because there is no such thing as happily ever after.



His relationship with Alfred was like fairytale at first, they laughed together, they shared private spaces between each other, they kissed, they touched, they made love…

It was like a fairy tall tale, he was a heroine and Alfred might be his prince.

But his prince change, incoherently he changed from a fun loving Alfred to a stubborn and cold person.

His warmth was diminished. Utterly depleted, along with the Alfred he first loved before.

He forgot one thing, everything change as the world won’t stop spinning and Alfred too.


He became cold as winter as they approach each other, it saddens him greatly.

Alfred asked him to stop nagging, he did.

He does, yet Alfred still asked him to shut his mouth and tell him to mind his own business, he became weary.

Alfred asked him he wanted his own personal space, he gave it, not even noticing that they were pushing each other apart.

Their relationship is at its rear end, he still pursued even Alfred didn’t want him..

And then the last thing, He caught Alfred cheating with him.

His mind went blank and his world went pitch black. He found himself facing a bottle of rum while staring at their pictures, the happy smile Alfred give him is now gone. He didn’t know what to do, he was doomed and hopeless, he drowned himself with alcohol until he passed out.

Who would want a nagging foul mouthed Brit who doesn’t even know  to show his affection to his lover.

He has that pride, that pride he was proud of that eventually lead him to his own demise.


He heard a faint voice, it was telling him to straighten up and do right. It was..




Sooner, he found himself at a familiar doorstep. Williams residence. Alfred’s step brother.

He didn’t know what gotten into him and walk into this house in a middle of ungodly hour of 2:00 am.

Yet, someone is telling him that it was a right choice. He knocked frantically at the wooden door, not even caring that his knocks was too loud that even Matthew’s neighbor will get disturbed. Till there a soft click echoed and the door went open slowly, revealing a soft hearted looking blond clad in his pajamas looking at him with awe. His tears start pearling, he wasn’t ought to cry, but the look that man was giving him is telling him that it’s alright.

You can cry on me.


He cried. He didn’t know where it started and it ended.


All he knew is Matthew didn’t asked a single thing to him and just let him cry over his arms, patting his sandy blond hair, whispering to him that it was going to be alright. He swore, yelled and cursed Alfred and Ivan’s name along with it. Matthew must have gotten the idea already, still he didn’t flinched, holding Arthur still at his arms and listened to all his wearies and sadness.


He spent the whole night crying. In Matthew’s arms.


Somehow, it made him feel better after he cried, undressing his pride to front of Matthew. He knows the man will never judge him, they could stay friends after what happened. It will never affect the budding friendship between them, never, it was.



One day he woke up, eyes pricking with tears, his head hurt and his vision was spinning. Hangover it is.

He still remembered what happened last night and his lips grit in anger. Fuck Alfred cheating on him. Yet, other memories flowed into his mind, it was Matthew.

The man sheltered him that night when he was completely a mess, nevertheless. He didn’t even bother to throw him out of his house after he started a ruckus.


“Good morning,” A soft voice called him, Arthur thought that he was already dead, but he wasn’t. Then Matthew came to him holding a tray in his hands, the smell of pancakes and tea tickled his nose as Matthew put it down beside the bed he was in. “I thought you’d be awake by now, so I brought breakfast for you,”


“Breakfast in bed?,” Arthur chuckled


“Uh—you don’t want it?”


“No, I like it, but you didn’t have to do that for a drunken Brit,” He said flatly. Alfred never bothered to bring me a breakfast in bed unlike you Matthew. He thought silently.


“I’m sorry,” He apologized. “But drunken or not you deserved a breakfast in bed Arthur,” he added and smiled like a sunshine.


“Bloody wanker,” He swore but he means no venom in it, just a plain endearment to Matthew. 


Matthew smiled to him as Arthur took the fork and bread knife  started eating his homemade pancakes, He’s completely adore him at his morning glory, his messed blond hair and his piercing green eyes, it was breathtaking. He simply wished that the person he first see beside him when he wake up is Arthur , It was a simple dream he wanted to come true. He wanted him for himself. If Alfred won’t give you an ending you wanted to have, I will, even if it took a long wait. Says Matthew, thus, in mind.

 I'll wait for that day to come..


derp...I have may things to do, but this one is isn't getting out of my head yet..XD

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The Adventures of Hikkikomori Rangers

Beginning of the Stupidity

Hikki Ranger Begun



Maple Crystal Power Make-Up!,” came an unmanly shout and then sudden transformation occurs.

*SFX* *Smokes*

Matthew was coughing hard after the smokes disappeared around him.  Why the hell he’s the only one ended up being test subjects for Antonio’s experiments, and there he felt something odd, cold moist dampened his legs that cause him to shiver.”Fuck”

“Not bad Matthew, Not bad,” Ivan came with a comment; his creepy smile drawn to him and caused Matthew to shudder.”I didn’t know you prefer skirts,”

“Eh? Skirt what?”

“Matthew what’re you wearing?” Mei added, the girl is standing in his front, hands on her hips and smiling gleefully at him.

“Our uniform,” Matthew replied politely.

“That isn’t our uniform Bloody git! How could I wear that kind of stupid Sailor dress!” Arthur intervened at the rowdy scene starting to build, Matthew prays that Heracles won’t get awaken, because he will add another ruckus over, and then another World War. He sighed.

“Da. You have some nice legs Matthew,” Ivan commented. ”though you have to shave it more often”

“What’re you talking about Ivan?” he asked curiously and Ivan replied by pouting his lips pointing it to his rounded unshaven legs.

Matthew grimaced and looked at himself, and fuck yeah, he’s clad in Sailor Uniform with Maple leafs embedded in its rim, skirt 5 inches above his knees and a red colored one, not to mention he got at circlet in his head, emblazoned with maple shaped stars, a maple leafs earring on his ears, and his feet were wearing a red heeled boots ending under his knees, that explains why he can’t stood straight because something’s wrong with his feet. It was the heels. He was simply horrified. He’s fucking wearing a Sailor Uniform. Fuck, it renders him gay! He’s not gay. Shit.Shit.Shit.

“Just as I thought!,” Mei jumped at him joyfully and enveloped him to a tight hug.” You can be a model Matthew!”

“Mei, please—Ughh..” he can’t even finished his refusal when Mei gave him a bear hug, the really the girl is not aware that she has a super strength within and leaved Matthew choking and out of his breath.

“Oh Mattie,” she cooed.” We have to shave your legs, skirts really looks good on you!” said Mei, the giggling fashionista girl is a sucker for skirts and fashion statement. She always dreamt of Matthew wearing skirt and now that her dream came true, thanks to Antonio’s experiment fail. The Sailor skirt is suppose to be their Ranger Uniform,  but it turned out that Antonio failed another experiment again, and have Matthew to wear the test uniforms, ended up wearing a Sailor skirt and looked like a Sailor anime character.

“Bloody Gits!” said Arthur before he turned his back and walk towards the kitchen, obviously annoyed.

“Da. Arthur please don’t burn the whole headquarters with your cooking ,” Ivan added and caused the Brit to shout back on him, laced with awful swearing in his words. But Ivan ignored the yelling Brit, instead he puts on his headset and turned his Ipod to the highest volume and sat back at the stray bean bag in the messy room, relaxed.

“You fucking bloody Russian! How dare you insult my cooking, would you like me to burn your flesh and turned your bone to dust!” Arthur yelled almost looked like a fire breathing dragon, and literally he’s also breathing fire when he’s angry.” And how dare you turn your back to me bloody Russian! Get your ass here and I’ll tell you. You’re going to get-----“

“Shheessshh… Arthur, please stop showering us with your saliva, I don’t want to wake up with your Saliva storm raining inside the room..” says Heracles now awake, still yawning and slumping sluggishly against  the ply of colorful bean bags.

“You bloody indolent!, “

“Stay cool would you, Thick Brows. I believed that you didn’t get any sex lately that caused your behavior being grumpy again, is it not?” Heracles replied with air of sarcasm, amused at Arthur reddening face. He looks like he was about to breath fire and blew him up any minute.

“Stop being a pervert Heracles!” Mei yelled back at Heracles and threw the now lump Matthew at the corner. She sensed that perverted things will come across the rowdy argument between Arthur and Heracles.

“Oh Mei?, Wanna’ have sex with me?”

“Pervert!,” Mei shouted back and walked out of the room immediately. She didn’t want to deal with the perverted Grecian.

“Bloody pervert!”

“So you too?, If you only wanted to have sex just said so. I can take you on Arthur.” Heracles offered and the fire breathing Brit started to breath fire, literally and blew him off. But much to his dismay, Heracles dodged it and leaved the bean bags burned.”Ow, ow.. Relax Arthur, how about I give you a blow job?” came another offer that caused Arthur to be more embarrassed and blew more fireballs to Heracles.(well actually he’s not blowing fire, He’s a pyrokinetic person)”How about I do rimming on you? I bet you’ll like that?”Heracles offered again but it seems he only made Arthur mode angrier as he offered sexual interference to him.

“Bloody whore! I don’t need your fucking bloody offers! “

“How about we fuck? I love your ass Arthur?”Heracles commented sluggishly

“Shut up! Molesting wanker!,“ he created another fire balls and threw it on Heracles, but Heracles always manage to dodged it and it leave him more angrier at the perverted Grecian.

While on the other hand, Ivan is slumping relax sitting at the bean bag placed in the corner of the room. Eyes closed while listening to music, not even moved an inch even Arthur is beginning to burn the whole room with his fireballs thrown to Heracles. Matthew still remains unconscious after Mei savaged him with a killing bear hug.

“Wanker!” Arthur says along side with heavy gasping still fire balls afloat on his sides ready to be thrown at Heracles anytime.

“tsk.. Arthur, you don’t understand, do you?” said Heracles, his arms were crossed against his broad chest, looking at Arthur lazily and yawning.”If you don’t want to have sex with me then I think I shall give you a present then, I found this once I was away with my sex partner”

“What present? Be sure that is not perverted or else I’m going to rip you dick, burn it and rammed in to your own fucking ass like scones, Bloody twat!” Arthur threatened.

“Easy, dear brows it just a plain suit..”


“Yeah, here it is..” Heracles threw a green clothed tight suit to him and Arthur got it.

“What the fuck is this?” He paused, raising his large eyebrow to the yawning Grecian.”What shall I do with a green tight suit? Are you mocking me? Bloody twat?” he asked annoyed with Heracles.

“ That suits you Arthur, just wear it. I knew you watched anime yourself, So why don’t try cosplaying any of those yourself.”

“What?” a disapproving frown carved in Arthur’s face.

“You know,” he yawns. “You remind me some character with green tight suit, not to mention overly large brows. You only need a little fixing and you obviously looked like Rock Lee the Large Brows,” Heracles started laughing at the end, and is teasing Arthur.

Fumed with embarrassment and anger, smoke starting to emerge from his nose like some sort of Bull ready to attack a Matador in his front, whilst his imagination picturing Heracles holding a red cloth and provoking him with it. Smiling tenaciously. Fuck Heracles, you’re going to be minced meat. Without any further adieu, Arthur burst up with his flames protruding from his body. He wanted to burn Heracles right there, right now, insulting him and even comparing him to Rock Lee for fuck’s sake.  A series of fireballs starting brought afloat beside him, his hands were on fire and his teeth gritting with anger.  

“Ow, wow… Ooppsss.. I think I made Mr. Lee angry, didn’t I” said Heracles, he looked around the destroyed room and see Ivan sleeping beside the burning wall surface yet unscathed, and then he saw Matthew lumping over the cold floor wearing a red Sailor uniform, unconscious. A soft ‘Aha’ escaped his lips.

On the other hand, Arthur started his ferocious attacks throwing fireballs and fire remnant to Heracles. He dodged it and quickly ran to the unconscious Matthew before Arthur launch his main powerful attack, which he called Busby’s Wrath, Heracles would be history if he got hit by the powerful attack from Arthur. Then Arthur started summoning his fire spirits, commencing the Busby’s Wrath spells.

“Here fire spirits I command thee, lend me your strength..” he chanted, throwing his both hands on the air as the fire spirits scooted around him, gathering in his both hands shimmering with orange and fire colored spirits..”Bask me your glorious power and end the atrocious perversity of those whom dirtied and defiled..”

Heracles raised and eyebrow to those last words, yet he still remained calmed with unconscious Matthew in his arms.

“I command you! Erase him from the face of the Earth!! I hereby called Busby’s wrath!!” Arthur threw the large fireball like gathered in his hands to Heracles, and created a large atomic bomb-like explosion..


And then the rest is history as we speak..





You must be wondering what happened next ? Oh well, here it is…



… Hikki rangers headquarters were completely destroyed and turned to dust. Ivan got his IPod destroyed too, Mei’s wardrobe were burnt to dust, Arthur’s scones turned rock like fossils and was buried under the Hikki HQ’s ground, Antonio’s laboratory was destroyed and his tomato garden were turned into Tomato Salsa garden with burned churros…Heracles remained unscathed and didn’t even get a small burn from Arthur’s attack..WHY?.....

He used Matthew as a shield. Heracles thought that Matthew can receive the attack  while buying him some time to summon the god Hermes, messenger of the Gods, and help him get transported onto another dimension and send him to another places before the Busby’s wrath get pass Matthew’s human shield...

Lastly, Matthew, the poor red ranger spent another months in hospital, his looks could even par with Egypt’s mummy, though, we could just call him, The mummy with broken bones.




“~Ve.. Our headquarters got destroyed again?” said Feliciano, he was talking with Antonio through walkie talkie because all of his equipments including his whole laboratory is now destroyed.

“Yes it was, por pabor. Those rangers can’t control their powers, even my tomato garden—“ Antonio was seriously facepalming this time. His prized possession was even destroyed, how could even he please Lovino with burned garden and burned churros.

“~Ve, don’t fret Antonio, I found another place for our Headquarters. “

“Again? How many Headquarters have to get destroyed before your Rangers could learn their lessons?” He ranted.” Last time it was Ivan who destroyed our base and turned it into an ice castle then have Mei blew it up, now it’s Arthur, so who’s next?” He sniffed.”—and my Tomato garden..”

“Oh, Don’t be sad Antonio, I’ll cook pasta for you.” He said calmly.”—and how’s Matthew? Is he alright? Last time he was turned into an Ice statue by Ivan, I hope this time is not that serious..”

“He’s far okay, he got severed broken bones and burned skin. He was burned alive by Arthur it has to be expected, its not that serious, I think he’ll get fine sooner..”

“~Ve I think he’ll get fine, beside Matthew is really strong.”

Antonio raised his eyebrow, he was always wondering why Feliciano recruited Matthew, the boy seems to be less ordinary, no special powers like his comrades, only he’s good a close combat battles that could even  beat Ivan superhuman strength with one on one battle. He was itching to asked Feliciano why he recruited the guy..

“Feliciano, can I ask you something?”

“~Ve… sure Antonio..”

“Why did you recruit Matthew, look he’s just ordinary guy with awesome reflexes yet has no powers like Arthur, Ivan, Mei and Heracles has?”

Feliciano let a sigh past his lips over the walkie talkie. Well, Antonio is his right hand, he must know.

“~Ve Antonio, I’ll return that question to you. What have did you notice from Matthew?”

“Uhh—he’s good at hand to hand combat” he chuckled

“—And then?”

“He’s unnoticed? He can be invisible sometimes—“

“Not just that Antonio—“

“Uh? Then what?..”

“Have you notice that Matthew can recover from any injuries quickly. He can recovered from any injuries inflicted on him through tortures from Ivan, from your experiments, from all of you.. Haven’t you notice? If he’s just a normal being he could just die right there, but he isn’t..” Feliciano explained carefully.

Antonio pursed his lips and his eyes grew wide at the realization rapidly. Makes sense. Matthew can recover quickly.

“So that’s the reason why you recruited him, no? But still--” Antonio sighed again, sometimes he’s worried that Matthew could be killed in the middle of the battle. Hand to hand combat wasn’t always good to save anyone from that monsters that they’re dealing..

“~Ve Antonio, You worry so much. You will find the answers to your own question in due time.” He said joyfully.”I must go now, goodbye Antonio.”


Then Feliciano cut the line up. It leaved Antonio baffled for a moment. Well, Feliciano must be right, He’ll just have to wait for events to come.





End of Prologue


We'll for someone who is wondering, this is Rock Lee, I mentioned him in the story..XD
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Adolf Arc

Adolf  ARC


Hikki Rangers headquarters


“Matthew, can I talk to you?”said Arthur and was followed by a low chuckle.”I mean in private. I have important things to discuss with you.”

Matthew looked at him a bit hesitating and just gave him a slow nod. Arthur turned his back and walked ahead from Matthew, signaling that he had to follow him.”Arthur..” he said, his voice is as meek and low like he could choke anytime at the tension. Arthur always looked so serious when it comes to some variable things. He already predicted that Arthur wants to talk about his powers, maybe he didn’t trust him just yet and have him train on his own, and Arthur decided to barge in.

“I know what you are thinking Matthew.” He said, a tone of authority blended as his voice came out with a hush tone.

“Arthur.. I respect you but, I think I can—“

“Matthew, lad I am not giving you that idea. I always had to help you.”

“Okay..” he sighed, well Arthur always wins. He should never ask after all.


The two of them entered Arthur’s respected room after a short while of walking. He gazes up inside the room, and it was always kept neat and tidy. He couldn’t expect much to their father figure, who is Arthur. Really the man can put such authority yet hasn’t failed to keep his valuable aspects in life, his private things. His looks averted and locked with Arthur’s movement, who is now moving and stopped in front of his wooden cabinet. He opens it with precision like he’s going to snap any minute. Arthur got a black leather bag and threw it off to Matthew, who is seating next to his bed, the leather bag bounced a little when it hits the soft springy surface of the bed.

“Is this?—“ he asked

“It will help you Matthew.” Arthur replied gradually after closing the cabinet neatly.”Open it lad,”

“Uh huh..” he nodded and  extended his left hand to get the leather bag from the bed. He really has no idea what Arthur is thinking right now. But anyway, he ignored all the thought that was jutting in his mind.


Matthew opened the leather bag only to see a bag full of-----

“Umm..Arthur, how is this going to help me?” he blushed furiously at the sight of DVD’s full of porn.

“Watch it Matthew, I told you it’ll help you.” He said calmly still not noticing the blush building into the other’s face.

“You’re asking me to watch porn?”

“Yeah---Wait..WHAT PORN?!” Arthur snapped, his green eyes gleaming with embarrassment.

“This bag is full of porn CD’s, I didn’t know you were a collector..” Matthew stated. He silently enjoys Arthur’s embarrassment and his tomato red like face.

Arthur grabbed the leather bag from him as his face turned more redder while still looking at the CD’s inside the leather bag.”This isn’t what I’m trying to give you,” he panicked and zippered the bag quickly and threw it to the wooden casket beside his desk. Arthur went on rampage, his body moved quickly and animatedly, like a hurricane devastating his own room. He opened every drawer he stumbled upon and searched for the things he’s looking for, throwing every garments(even boxers and briefs) and things he grabbed outside. His entire room turned into chaos with his things flying to the mid air, while Matthew seated relax, his legs were crossed and slumping back in his chair a popcorn in hand, watching Arthur loose his gentleman composure and panicking  while searching for the thing that he’s mentioning to Matthew. In short, Matthew enjoyed his predicament, and YES he enjoys it.

Till a flying box hits the relaxing Matthew in head, and also turned out to be a box full of condoms with different colors. The condoms scattered around while the box wrecked in Matthew’s hard head, an obvious lump grew in his forehead then Matthew saw flying panties landed in his now dizzy face.

“Fuck.” Matthew shook his head and muttered.”Arthur, what are you----“ removing the lacy panty from his face and stared at it. Slight disgusted and muttering .Why the hell Arthur would keep lacy panties in his room anyway. It seems that Arthur in kinkier that he looks, really.

“YES! I FOUND IT!” Arthur exclaimed delightfully after finding another black leather bag.”I’m pretty sure this is it..” he said cheerfully and look up to Matthew’s distress and furious face. He noticed the growing lump in Matthew’s forehead.” What happened to you Matthew?”

“Arthur ,are you somewhat aware that you had a stealth ability eh?”

“Why? What are you talking about Matthew?”

“You started a ruckus. Look around your surrounding.”

Arthur looked around and was horrified.”What the bloody hell happened in my room Matthew?”

“I told you. You went on rampage earlier, is it not?”

Occasionally Arthur would start blabbering when someone is scrutinizing his moves, but this time. He just scratched the back of his head, slightly blushing and ashamed.”Please don’t tell this to everyone..” He said at almost whisper like tone, enough for Matthew to hear. As expected from Arthur, with that Matthew understood what he’s really pointing at.

Gazing at the leather bag in his lap, Matthew opened it slowly. His eyes is shut closed and is already inhaling some air, pushing it abruptly in his lungs. After a few seconds he exhaled it, warily. He opened one of his eyes, though half lidded. It isn’t like he didn’t enjoy porn, like what he saw earlier. But, he was really hoping that this bag didn’t contain gay porns. Because, He Matthew Williams is so damn straight, with flying colors. He knew Arthur well, He is atleast  Bi-, judging from the French guy he always hangout with, whenever they have free time to spent, and the French man is really perverted.”I hope this isn’t gay porns,” He said, though silently because Arthur is glaring at him at the moment, looking like he’s gonna eat Matthew alive. He sighed again, though exasperated as his finger move down to the zipper. He pulls the zipper down yet his eyes still one and a half closed and open.


When he pulled the zipper down , yet his gaze still not looking at it like he’s going to see a cock sprang from the leather bag. He isn’t homophobic but, well at least he will got traumatized if he saw a cock in there. While Arthur on the other hand, raised his overly large eyebrows, seeing that Matthew is hesitating a bit from opening the bag.

“Matthew lad, there’s no cock is going to sprang in there I tell you.” He said causing Matthew to look at him stunned.

“Are you a psycho? How did you---“

“From what I’ve seen to you facial expression you’re expecting that a cock is going to sprang in there, bloody git! If you won’t open that I’ll do it for you,” Arthur spat and opened the bag for him, he dug his hand deep to the bag likewise he was searching a wonderland in there, much to Matthew’s dismay because Arthur’s hand is brushing over his crotch area, not knowing that the bag is placed in lap and close to his vital region, and he’s starting to feel hot, damn fucking hormones and he swear he’s fucking straight.

“Oh! Here it is..”

“Eh?” He let a squeak fall from his lips and stared back to Arthur who smiled cheerily, unbeknownst to what’s playing on his head.

Arthur handed a handful of DVD’s to Matthew that caused the blond to shiver. No please don’t let me watch gay porn, please no gay porn and how it will going to help me. Please. Please. Please..His mind chanted relentless, seriously nervous at the DVD on Arthur’s hand. He took the 3 set of DVD’s and took a glimpse to it only to notice that it wasn’t Gay porn that he’s expecting. It was----

“Darker than Black---,” as the title says,”---and Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini” his thin eyebrow raised, yet he continued reading the DVD’s label.”Darker than Black: The black contractor?”

Yeah, it wasn’t gay porn but it was an Anime show. How is this going to help him, and why Arthur had this DVD’s? He noticed Arthur face, gleaming with delight and his hands were clasped in a prayer position. What the hell?

“Watch it Matthew. It will help you hone your power!” he said cheerfully and Matthew now has wearing an awkward look with a Wait—What? expression.

“But Arthur it’s just an Anime show,”

“Just watch it bloody git!”

“oh, O-Okay..” his face fell deliberately.


How can Darker than Black help me with my problem…

(Yeah, I know because Hei is hot!!! XD )